Our web design solutions range from small informational sites to extensive portals for businesses to exchange information online. Our Web Design services include the following:

  • Custom design of new websites
  • Modification of existing websites
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Integration (analytics, maps, etc.)
  • Graphic Design
  • Hosted Online Forms (contact, surveys, registrations, etc.)
  • PayPal Commerce Integration

Content Management

All 223 Web Studio websites have a built-in Content Management Tool which allows you, the customer, to change certain content and photos any time. Content Management is the ideal solution for businesses that need to add fresh content on a regular basis.

The CMS provides small businesses and organizations the opportunity to keep information fresh and dynamic and allows your staff to modify the content anytime, anywhere in the world with a just an Internet connection and Internet Browser.

The CMS is composed of various blocks that provide functionality from calendars, news listings to blogs and more. Here is just a sampling of features.

Mobile Websites

A mobile website is a streamlined, scaled-down version of your main website optimized for mobile devices and allows quick and easy access for someone to find you when searching via their mobile device.

This is a valuable resource for clients to reach their customers and prospects through a mobile device and offers a nice enhancement to their current site. It is not meant to replace their site but to reinforce it with easy controls and functionality through mobile applications.

Reasons why businesses & non-profit organizations need a mobile website:

  • There are four mobile phones to every PC in the world, and they are increasingly being used to look for businesses on the Web
  • It's estimated that 60% of consumers worldwide have access to the internet via their mobile phone.
  • Web traffic from mobile devices increased 110% in North America and 148% globally in the past year alone.
  • Of the mobile users that had bad experiences when visiting a website (e.g. difficult navigation because the site isn't optimized for mobile browsers) 61% will not go back to the site.